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This Summer Solstice, we invite you into a ritual to create a personal Solstice Essence.  Inspired by flower essences, this Solstice Essence can be created to draw in the inspiration, clarity or prayer offered in a moment in time.  This ritual is simple and designed to encapsulate the wisdom of the Solstice that you may return to throughout the year.  

As you perform the ritual, feel free to make adjustments or changes to make it your own.

Supplies Needed: 

-a bowl (crystal or glass is best)

-water (spring water or purified water is best)

-brandy or apple cider vinegar

-a mason jar or small dropper bottle

-optional: a crystal of your choosing ~ perhaps citrine, or quartz.

-optional: a bell or instrument

-optional: collected wild flowers / herbs

Solstice Essence Creation Ritual

Go out into a place of nature of your choosing. This place may carry meaning for you, or perhaps it's a new spot you've never been to before.  Let yourself be guided to this place, bringing with you your bowl and spring water.  Once you have found a place to be: set down the bowl and spring water with the intention that it take in all of the light of this moment.  Give yourself a moment to ground into intentional space. Close your eyes, tune inward.  Perhaps you may wish to offer thanks to the land, to the sun, to this water, to this moment. Here you may also call in a well and wise ancestor or a trusted guide to be with you during this ritual.  

From here, invite in an intention of celebrating all that you are (and are not) on this Solstice day.  Into this water, you may wish to speak your prayers of gratitude for all that has come into being this year thus far. You may acknowledge what is ready to be surrendered and returned to the earth for the remainder of this year. You may speak your prayers or desires for what you wish for the rest of this year. And perhaps name where you could use support or guidance.  Let the sun be witness to the fullness of you, the joy and the sorrow that may be present with you today, bringing compassion to whatever arises.  

Let yourself be in this space for as long as you wish; allow the water to soak it all in.  If you wish, you can surround the bowl with flowers you've collected, or with your crystals. You may sing or dance, or make noise, letting this water receive it all and be blessed by your creative expression.  

When you feel complete, thank this place, and the water for holding this moment with you. Acknowledge any guide, or ancestor you may have called in at the start of the ritual.  Offer appreciation to the land for holding you in this moment. This can be as simple as a strand of your hair, or perhaps a flower you collected, a song in your heart, or a bow of gratitude.

Carry the spring water and bowl home with you. Upon your return; blend a small amount of your Essence water with an equal part of brandy or apple cider vinegar.  Place it in a small mason jar or dropper bottle to preserve it. And now you have your Essence! Any leftover water from your ritual can be used on plants or offered the Earth in some way. Name your Essence whatever you wish; and label it with the date of your ritual.  When you want to reconnect with the Solstice Essence, take 1-3 drops (can be diluted in water or tea) as desired. 

Return to your Summer Solstice Essence whenever you wish throughout the year, to reconnect with this moment in time; to your prayers of gratitude and desire for the rest of the calendar year.

Solstice Blessings, Dear Friend!

PS If you would like to have music to journey with, we have created this Spotify Solstice playlist for you.  

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