A deep dive into Ceremony in a community of acceptance, honoring, and authenticity. This space doesn't ask you to be or feel anything other than what's really there.  We honor the truth of your path, and where you are on it.

Come as you are.

"We are all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

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An Invitation to a Summer of Ceremony
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The Art of Receiving
Maturity. Sovereignty. Ascension. 

This summer, we embark on a Season of Ceremony we're calling The Art of Receiving. On our journey together we will explore and practice the fundamental nature of what it is to truly receive.

During this three-month journey, we enter the landscape of receiving. How do we receive in our lives? Where is there interference? How do we tune our frequency to be receivers in highest alignment with our life's purpose?  

In our Ceremony, we will explore: the difference between taking and receiving; between earning and receiving;  and between giving and receiving.  We will also explore discernment in how we choose to receive.  This is an exploration of the Art of Receiving on all levels. 


Receiving Pleasure.

Receiving Gifts.

Receiving Compliments. 

Receiving Delight.

Receiving your Breath. 

Receiving Wisdom. 

Receiving Acceptance.

Receiving Forgiveness.

Receiving Inspiration.

Receiving Feedback. 

Receiving Impact.

Receiving the True Expression of Ourselves. 

Receiving the True Expression of Others.

Receiving Yes.

Receiving No.  

Receiving Guidance. 

Receiving Opportunity.

Receiving Money.

Receiving Abundance. 

Receiving Grace. 

Receiving Miracles.

In our ceremony, we will face any remaining aspect of the Story of Unworthiness that remains within us, see it for what it is, and reconnect the channel of receiving. 

Our guide this season of Ceremony is the archetype of The Queen. With her, we'll explore 13 Facets of the Queen: Integrity, Honor, Sovereignty, Wisdom, Confidence, Power, Sensuality, Flair, Resilience, Celebration, Reverence, Generosity, and Compassion.  We will also note the shadow aspects of the Queen-out-of-balance: Insatiability,  Entitlement, Jealousy, Greed, to name a few.  We'll explore healing the relationship we have with the Queen ~ and restore her to the throne. We'll also discover what it is to be in Queendom with many Queens, and how to support and boost the ascension of others, while reigning ourselves.


“The purpose of life as a woman is to ascend to the throne and rule with heart.”
- Marianne Williamson

Summer's Journey ~ The Container


In our Container this Summer, we will be exploring the various ways in which we receive.  You can join us for one month or all three, depending on how you wish to receive.  

Month One (beginning June 21st) will focus on the ways in which we Receive with our Body ~ Allowing us to return home to our vessel with love and acceptance for all that it is. And all that it isn't. 

Month Two (beginning July 19th), explores how we Receive with our Minds ~ The ways in which creative inspiration, divine action flow through us.  

Month Three(beginning August 16th), journeys into the Receiving of Spirit ~ Aspects of divine knowing, passing through gateways into the miraculous.  


How we gather. . .

During our journey together, we will begin each week with a Monday Circle on Zoom where we will gather in ritual & community. While attendance to all Ceremonies is not required, we recommend attending as many as possible to receive as much as you can. Ceremonies take place at 9AM pacific / 12PM Eastern.  This month of Ceremony will be guided by Katie Carey, Aubrey Gates Zahava O'Sullivan, Carey McCray, Alice Moore, Kari Floberg and Wanda Williams.  

Monday, June 21 (opening Ceremony) ~ Body

Monday, June 28 ~ Body

Monday, July 5 ~ Body

Monday, July 12 ~ Body

Monday, July 19 ~ Mind

Monday, July 26 ~ Mind

Monday, Aug 2 ~ Mind

Monday, Aug 9 ~ Mind

Monday, Aug 16 ~ Spirit


Monday, Aug 23 ~ Spirit

Monday, Aug 30 ~ Spirit

Monday, Sep 6 ~ Spirit

Monday, Sep 13 ~ Closing Ceremony 

Choose your Journey.  

A Month-of-Ceremony


1,2 or 3 Months of Live Ceremony

Weekly Ritual Practices

 Group Container for 1 Month at a Time

$245 per Month

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Solo Ceremony Journey

Curated Content from Live Ceremonies

Weekly Ritual Practices

$111 per Month

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Upcoming Events

  • The Art of Receiving Season of Ceremony
    Jun 21, 9:00 AM – Sep 13, 10:15 AM
    A season-long Ceremony into the Art of Receiving guided by the Queen. More information can be found at https://www.ceremonysisters.com/month-of-ceremony
  • The Art of Receiving Part 2 ~ Mind
    Jul 19, 9:00 AM – Aug 09, 12:15 AM
    Join us for part 2 of the Art of Receiving ~ as we explore how we receive with our Minds. Begins Monday, July 19th at 9AM pacific.
  • Lammas
    Sun, Aug 01
    Aug 01, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Lion's Gate New Moon Ceremony
    Aug 08, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Full Moon in Aquarius
    Sun, Aug 22
    Aug 22, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM