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A deep dive into Ceremony in a community of acceptance, honoring, and authenticity. This space doesn't ask you to be or feel anything other than what's really there.  We honor the truth of your path, and where you are on it.

Come as you are.

"We are all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass

An Invitation to a Season of Ceremony as we transition from Winter to Spring ~
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As we enter  the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, we step into a new Season of Ceremony: Conspiring with the Universe: Tending the Garden of You.


This time of year, as Spring makes its way to the Northern Hemisphere, is linked with renewal, growth, and new possibility. It’s a time of planting seeds and tending our gardens, for dreaming up possibilities and doing the work required for those dreams to be made manifest.  


In Conspiring with the Universe we will do just that. Together, we will listen for the seeds that lie dormant within us – the seeds that are ready for new light, attention, and care. We will also explore what is ready to be pruned, weeded, and uprooted. Together, we will tend to our personal gardens, and nourish the soil that is our lives: our relationships, our work, our spirit and soul, our bodies, our homes, our communities. In our Ceremony, we will partner with and explore the elements of Universal magic - magic that exists for us to play with in the unfolding of our lives, from the mundane to the truly miraculous.


During our season of tending, we will explore the archetypal landscape for divine inspiration:

  • We will journey with Gaia, the Earth Goddess herself, who will share how to grow and tend to the various landscapes of our lives from Desert to Ocean, Forest to Mountain. 

  • And we welcome in the wisdom of the Tree of Life, a powerful force that connects the heavens with the underworld, and embodies our growth, our uniqueness, and our connection and expression in the world. 


In our Season of Ceremony, you will find nourishment in living true to you, cultivate a deep connection with your purpose and value system, and explore opening up to the elements of magic that bring forth a life beyond what you can currently conceive. 


Join us for one month, or all season long. 


The garden is here. . . will you step in?


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The Journey to Spring ~ The Container


In our 8-week Ceremonial journey, we will explore the the garden, observe what's already there, and listen for what is calling for our attention ~ what is ready to stay and what is ready to go, and what needs support to blossom into fullness. 

March ~ Conspiring with Gaia 

We will invite the Goddess Gaia to be our guide in this second month of our Ceremony. As the Ancestral Mother of all life on Earth, we will connect with her endless diversity and the harmony she sings in all moments, whether we recognize it or not. 

We will journey with Gaia into the various landscapes of our lives, and practice tending and caring for them. We will begin to explore the Elements of Magic ~ how do we tend to our seeds, such that they have room to grow. We'll practice the art of Devotion and Surrender as we lean into Gaia's wisdom about living in harmony with the many contrasts, opposites and polarities of life.

April ~ Conspiring with the Tree of Life 

In April, we round out our Season of Ceremony with the Wisdom from the Tree of Life ~ bridger of worlds, both seen and unseen. The Tree marks the path towards authentic embodiment, embracing uniqueness and standing tall and strong in its personal expression.  

We will grow with the Tree, connect with the Roots of our Being, and allow for the blossoms to emerge in their divine timing. The Tree demonstrates patience, power, interconnectedness, and how to be in divine partnership with the Universe, from the Earth to the Moon, and to the Stars. 

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How We Gather. . .

During our journey together, we will begin each week with a Monday Circle on Zoom where we will gather in ritual & community. While attendance at all Ceremonies is not required, we recommend attending as many as possible to receive as much as you can. Ceremonies take place at 9AM pacific / 12PM Eastern and last for 75 - 90 minutes.  This Season of Ceremony will be guided by Katie Carey, Kari Floberg, Carey McCray and Alice Moore, with Aubrey Gates.

Mondays in March (March 7, 14, 21, 28)
Conspiring with Gaia

Mondays in April (April 4, 11, 18, 25)
Conspiring with the Tree of Life

Select your Journey:  
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A Season of Ceremony

2 Months of Live Weekly Ceremonies (8 Total)

Weekly Ritual Practices

 Group Container 

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Solo Ceremony Journey

Curated Content from 3 Months of Live Ceremonies

Weekly Ritual Practices

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Co-Conspiring with the Universe

An Enhanced Season-of-Ceremony 

3 Months of Live Weekly Ceremonies 

Group Container

Weekly Ritual Practices

 Weekly Oracle Card Pull Just for You

Three 1:1 Sessions with a Ceremony Sisters Guide

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Guides of the Season

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Katie Carey is a spiritual midwife, community herbalist, and foul-mouthed mystic devoted to real-izing the Emerging Story. She learned to read tarot from a Catholic nun at a Jesuit University in the late 90s and specializes in readings for thresholds and crossroads moments.

Katie spent 18 years doing theater in the Northwest and Chicago. She then decided what she really wanted to do was raise a family in a hand-built hobbit hole in the middle of a mud puddle on a farm. So that’s what’s happening now.

Katie is known for her dry wit and profound insight. She has degrees in theater and spirituality, so she can act like she cares.

Kari Floberg is a seeker of embodied wisdom, believing in the mystery and following the wild nature of creation. With a lifelong dance practice, stemming from more traditional forms to 5 rhythms and movement meditations, she has taught movement and healing for over 15 years. Her own journey from disconnection of spirit and the feminine, as a young adult, taught her the essential need for creating spiritual practices, harnessing community and participating in

medicine circles.


Kari has a private psychotherapy practice in the Bay Area, as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist. She has a Masters degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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Carey McCray combines her methodologies as an artist and healer, creating spaces of belonging, trust and authentic expression.  She catalyzes, supports and empowers creative potential in the people she encounters such that they experience alignment, connection, and power. 

Her work as a bodyworker and alignment coach encourages living a life of authentic freedom in body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to being the founder of Ceremony Sisters, Carey is an Apprentice Clinical Herbalist and a transformational artist, with a background in musical theatre performance and production.

Alice Moore has been a down to earth spiritual guide and non-dogmatic health coach for over 24 years. Her approaches to healing are rooted in one of her deepest values which is that each of us live out our truths in all areas of our lives. She holds sacred spaces for people to heal their relationship to food, to their bodies and to create spiritual practices that support their healing journey. Her sense of play (and having the best time we can have while we’re on the planet) creates an environment for deep healing and fun.


Alice is also an actor, singer, voice over artist, voice and piano teacher, energy healer and loves to work with children and adults with a childlike spirit. She is delighted to be a part of the Ceremony Sisters team.

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