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Ceremony Sisters is a Community Dedicated to Honoring the Sacred in our Daily Lives through Partnership with Myth and Story,
Ancestral Traditions, Rites of Passage, and the Cycles of Nature

We are friends who have found a home together in Ceremony & Ritual where we honor both our human and divine selves.  We are excited to share Ceremony space with you!

We founded Ceremony Sisters on the following values:


Come as you are.  We value the importance of a safe container that allows one to fully show up in trust and truth. We honor confidentiality at all of our circles; we invite rawness and realness in what is shared and we allow for your humanity to be welcome in its myriad forms. We lean into discomfort when it arises; and we trust and allow for transformation to emerge within ourselves and each other.  We speak truthfully and straightforwardly as we possibly can.


We share fully and take responsibility for our words and their impact.  We appreciate transparency in ourselves and others; knowing it is impossible to see it all.  We aim to listen to one another with compassion, curiosity and acceptance toward whatever is arising.  We stand boldly in our own truth; and do our best to consider things from many points of view.  


We acknowledge the white, patriarchal, cis-gendered cultural environment we were born into and are committed to the lifetime work of education and unlearning for ourselves and our community.  We will continue to do the individual and collective work to create an atmosphere of authentic inclusivity.

We are a community for all cis, trans, and nonbinary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women and the feminine.  We are excited to create community gatherings that welcome all genders, ethnicities, religions, ages, nuerodiversities, bodies, abilities, etc.  

We are aware of spiritual and cultural appropriation that can occur in community. We do our best to site all sources in our work; recognizing the deep lineage of traditions in Ceremony that are beyond our own personal experiences. We aim to honor the past while giving room to a new way of experiencing community together.  

We are moved by breath and spirit.  We are of the earth, the air, the fire, the water, the ether. We are committed to the magic, discovery, play, healing, curiosity, insight, shadow, light, expression, and mystery of life in Ceremony.